Alarm Clock w/Music Sleep Timer (Snooz) All the ideas and discussions
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I have used this alarm from the day I got this phone, there were some bugs that I figured out how to work around and eventually were fixed. Now however the app doesn't work at all. I have two alarms in the app set to go off at different times in the same day. I set the app up so it will go off in the morning and now sometime during te night while I'm asleep the app shuts its self down so my alarms never go off. Thank god my husband has a different app for an alarm otherwise we would have been late for so many days of work. I really like this app and I just want to see the problem fixed, otherwise there is no way I will continue to use this app. To much at risk eith it not working.

Kassandra , 17.07.2012, 08:06
Idea status: under consideration


David Smith, 11.10.2012, 08:31
This is exactly the same problem I have. Brilliant app but now cannot be trusted to work. I have reloaded this app several times and the problem still exists . I have set the alarm to fire up using playlist but at sometime in the night the app closes down / switches off. I do always use the sleeptimer option set to 1 hour prior to going to sleep. Can you please repair this? Thanks.

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