Alarm Clock w/Music Sleep Timer (Snooz) All the ideas and discussions
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First screen comes up says snooze, then goes off

Snooze screen comes on for two seconds then goes off and back app list.

Scott , 28.03.2011, 04:09
Idea status: under consideration


Iman f, 31.03.2011, 05:34
Ya same problem here
jorgen, 11.04.2011, 15:29
It is not a general problem. I am using this app every night without any problems (apart from the things I have written about in my ideas). I use iPod 3G with latest iOS4.
stevetranby, 12.04.2011, 04:58
We are working to pinpoint and determine what is causing a crashing issue for a small percentage of users. It appears to be a combination of iOS version, App version, and the device version. It seems that it can also present as a crash due to some unknown combination of user actions if the person can use the app prior to it starting to crash.

If anyone can provide us with device type, version, iOS version we would be grateful.
stevetranby, 16.06.2011, 05:22
We believe we have found a bug in one of our third party libraries that affected a specific set of devices running a specific set of version of iOS. We have hopefully fixed the last remaining major issues. There will probably still be some very rare issues we will continue to look for, but it seems we have tracked down this pesky bug that affected only a small percentage of users who have downloaded the app.
stevetranby, 16.06.2011, 05:23
It will be fixed in the next update (ver 1.4.0 - we were waiting for a confirmed reproduction and fix to the problem before moving to 1.4)
Carolina, 22.12.2011, 22:49
I have an ipod 4 generation with iOS 4 and has this same problem. The ipod can not be restored. I place the back up but nothing else can be done. It shows an error in process of restore. The ipod is always between Snooze screen and the back app list.

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