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Snooz is thebest alarm clock around

This is an excellent alarm clock. There are a couple of other alarm clocks with similar functionality, but Snooz is clearly the one with the best design and the best user interface. I use it with a JBL On-Stage Micro speaker to play soft music (usually classic guitar or meditation music) or sounds from nature to fall asleep to (a timer can be set to swith the sounds/music off after a preset time so you don't play music all night) and (usually) Blues music to wake me up the next morning. You can set several alarms and for each alarm specify which days they should wake you up and which type of alarm to use: music/sound. Alarms can be set to fade in to wake you up g-e-n-t-l-y.

You have the choice of playing music from your iPod or playing sounds. The sounds ranges from ocean sounds, rainforest, spring day, white noise etc. Before I got this alarm clock, I used rainforests-like sounds from another application to fall asleep to and loved it.

The alarm clock can also be used as a flash light: just press the top right corner. This is handy.

I have another On-Stage speaker on my desk on which I use Snooz as a desk clock for displaying the time, date and weather, while playing music while working. Unlike other alarm clocks, the timer need not be used when playing music.

There are a couple of bugs, which I have reported to the support web-site. Once they have been fixed, this alarm clock is the best around.

jorgen , 21.02.2011, 13:08
Idea status: under consideration


stevetranby, 12.04.2011, 04:53
Thank you for your fedback, we will work on fixing the issues that you have addressed.

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