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zzZ playing last played song rather than chosen

I set up the alarm clock in good time before going to bed: music to sleep to, music to be woken by etc. However, if I play some music after having set it up, the song to sleep to will be ignored and it will instead continue the last played choice. I then have to clear the playlist and choose it again.

jorgen , 13.02.2011, 19:53
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stevetranby, 16.06.2011, 05:27
Sorry, you will need to click on the "set music" button on the lower right (the music notes icon) in order to make sure the music player has been set to use your sleep playlist. If you don't do this before you play/sleep you will play the last song/playlist that was setup in the iPod music player.

This is due to a choice made in the early version of the app that is still around in which the app was setup to continue playing whatever was playing in the iPod app. We are slowly moving away from using the iPod music player app and instead will play music through an application specific player so that the iPod music will be paused, but not used when the alarm app is run.

We will work to make this aspect of the app better and possibly introduce a more explicit sleep mode.
jorgen, 16.06.2011, 05:46
Yes, that is what I do and that works. Thanks for trying! I guessed it was a "feature" in the iPod application library, i.e. Apple's bug. :)

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