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Warn if no alarm music / sound has been selected

I had a bad start: I had selected a playlist the evening before, but this selection somehow disappeared (probably my fault but I still don't know how it happened). I just want it to play one kind of music before I sleep (works fine!) and another kind to wake me up. I don't need or want flashing lights or alarm sounds.

Alternatively show with for example a dot after the bell or after the alarm time that music or sound has been selected, so I can check just before going to sleep.

Jorgen , 10.02.2011, 08:20
Response from the site administrator
stevetranby, 10.02.2011
We'll add the alarm icon displaying what type of sound is selected in the next update, thanks for the feedback.
Idea status: scheduled


stevetranby, 16.06.2011, 05:29
We will probably not get to this issue in v1.4.0 of the app (the next update coming soon), but we will work to add this feature or respond to this issue in the next major update.
jorgen, 16.06.2011, 05:32
There is probably no need. This problem belonged to the "beginning problems" and I have not had any problem with this since.

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