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Stopped working after iOS 12. Doesnt go off

I recently upgraded to iOS 12 and the alarm stopped working. It doesn’t sound about 90% of the time. When it does, the snooze doesn’t sound then.

I set alarms with “Fade In,” “Volume keys to snooze” (which is how I normally snooze), “shake to snooze” and just a regular “Techno loop.” I leave the app in the background, and lock my screen.

I’ve used this app for years in this manner. It has never failed me until the upgrade. Please, please fix. There are still no other alarms apps like this one, and I really want to continue to use it. It’s been my favorite iPhone app consistently over all of these years, since iPhone 3.

I’m currently on an iPhone 6 Plus.


Michelle , 02.06.2019, 16:54
Idea status: under consideration


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