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Add Weather Support

Please include the support for displaying weather on the clock display.

John , 15.12.2010, 08:08
Response from the site administrator
stevetranby, 10.02.2011
Available in current version, but the GPS location isn't sufficient for getting correct and valid weather data. A future update will allow selecting from a searchable list of capable weather locations.

We are planning to re-enable the support for weather as an opt-in option that will also support disabling the feature in the global settings. Along with adding the support back into the app we are planning to more extensively test and catch exceptions due to issues related to multiple languages and unicode support with parsing the weather data.
Idea status: completed


Schanda Christian, 11.03.2012, 12:27
in the menu i switched on the weather information, °C and no postal code (beacause europe) but
i can't see any weather information.

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